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Compiled Vegetable Science


Compiled Vegetable Science

  • Author : K. Madhusudhan Reddy,  Randir Kumar
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Jain Brothers
  • Edition : 3rd Edition,2023
  • Media : Paper Back
  • ISBN : 9788194484639

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Compiled Vegetable Science By K.Madhusudhan Reddy, Randhir Kumar, CONTENTS : 1. Current Horticultural Statistics, 2. Recently Released Varieties of Different Vegetable Crops, 3. Classification of Vegetables, 4. As a Whole about Vegetable Science/Olericulture, 5. Influence of Temperature and Light on Vegetable Cultivation, 6. Mineral Nutrition in Vegetable Crops, 7. Vegetable grafting, Hydroponics and Aeroponics, 8. Organic Vegetable Production and its Certification, 9. Problematic soils and its effect on vegetable cultivation, Aspects of production technology, Seed production, Genetics & Breeding of different vegetable crops, 1. Solanaceous Vegetables, 2. Temperate tuber crop, 3. Malvaceae Vegetable-Okra, 4. Cruciferous Vegetables, 5. Cucurbitaceous Vegetables, Perennial Cucurbits, 6. Root Vegetables, 7. Peas and Beans, 8. Tropical Tuber Crops, Major Tuber Crops, Minor Tuber Crops, 9. Bulb Crops, 10. Leafy and Salad vegetables, Major Leafy Vegetables, Minor Leafy Vegetables, Salad Vegetables, 11. Perennial Vegetables, 12. Protected cultivation of vegetable crops, 13. Post-harvest technology and Processing of vegetable crops, 14. Plant Growth Regulators, 15 Recommended Insecticides and Fungicides in vegetable crops, 16. Revised ICAR – JRF/SRF Syllabus and different journals & Magzines, 17. Notified varieties of vegetable crops by CVRC (Appendix-1), 18. References.

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