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Vegetable Breeding


Vegetable Breeding

Author :Rahul Kumar

Language : English

Publisher :New Vishal Publication

Edition : 1st Edition,2016

Media : Paper Back


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Vegetable Breeding By Rahul Kumar,  CONTENTS :- 1. Introduction 2. Classification Of Vegetable Crops 3. Introduction To Plant Breeding 4. Center Of Origin Of Vegetable Crops 5. Laws Of Mendel 6. Male Sterility In Vegetable Crops 7. Self Incompatbility In Vegetable Crops 8. Breeding For Self Pollinated Vegetable Crops 9. Breeding For Cross Pollinated Vegetable Crops 10. Breeding For Asexually Propagated Vegetable Crops 11. Breeding Achievement In Self Pollinated Vegetable Crops 12. Breeding Achievement In Cross Pollinated Vegetable Crops 13. Breeding Achievements In Asexually Propagated Vegetable Crops 14 Polyploidy Breeding In Vegetable Crops

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