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Plant Diseases


Plant Diseases

Author : R.S. Singh
Language : English
Publisher : Medtech – Scientific International
Edition : 10th Edition,2018
Media : Paper Back
ISBN : 9789386479495

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Plant Diseases by R.S. Singh, CONTENTS :- 1. Introduction 2. History of Plant Pathology 3. The Prokaryotes (Plant Pathogenic Bacteria) 4. Bacterial Diseases of Plants 5. Phytoplasma Diseases of Plants 6. The Fungi 7. Diseases Caused by Plasmodiophoromycetes and Mastigomycotina 8. Diseases Caused by Ascomycotina 9. Diseases Caused by Basidiomycotina Uredinales 10. Diseases Caused by Basidiomycota (Ustilaginales) 11. Diseases Caused by Deuteromycotina 12. Virus and Viroid Diseases of Plants 13. Diseases Caused by Plant Parasitic Nematodes 14. Phanerogamic Plant Parasites 15. Non-infectious and Non-parasitic Diseases 16. Plant Disease Management, Glossary, Answers to the Multiple Choice Questions.
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