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Modern Weed Management

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Modern Weed Management

  • Author : O.P. Gupta
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Agrobios (India)
  • Edition : 3rd Edition,2018
  • Media : Paper Back
  • ISBN : 9788177544138

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Modern Weed Management By O.P. Gupta, Table of Contents 1. The Weed Menace, 2. Weed-Crop Competition, 3. The Propagation, Dispersal and Persistence of Weedsm 4, The Classification and Distribution of Weeds, 5. Weed Prevention, 6. The Elements of Weed Control, 7. Weed Suppression Through Good Crop Husbandry, 8. The Physical Control of Weeds, 9. The Biological Control of Weeds, 10. Diversity of Herbicides, Their Application Methods, and Use Precautions, 11. Herbicide Application Equipment and Their Calibration, 12. Important Herbicide Families and Molecules, 13. The Functional Features of Common Herbicides, 14. Herbicide Availability at the Action Sites in Plants, 15. Modes of Action of Herbicides in Plants, 16. Herbicide Selectivity Amongst Plants, 17. Herbicide Resistance in Weeds, 18. Adjuvants, 19. Fate of Herbicides in Soils, 20. Plant Environment and Herbicide Interactions, 21. Weed Management Practices in Field Crops and Vegetables, 22. Weed Control in Orchards, Plantations, Grasslands, and Lawns, 23. Non-Selective Control of Weedy Vegetation, 24. Specific Problem Weeds and Their Control, 25. Herbicide Residues in Food and Water, 26. Impact of Herbicides on Agricultural Technology, 27. Field Research with Herbicides – A Materials and Methods Outline, 28. Appendices, 29. Glossary, 30. Subject Index, 31. Addenda.

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