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Handbook of Horticulture


Handbook of Horticulture

  • Author : ICAR
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Indian Council of Agricultural Research
  • Edition : Latest
  • Media : Hard Back
  • ISBN : 9788171640065

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Handbook of Horticulture By ICAR, Handbook Of Horticulture is a helpful guide for all horticulturists, whether amateur or professional.

Summary Of The Book

Horticulture involves the science and art of plant cultivation and also the business aspects of marketing the produce. It also deals with artistic aspects like garden design and landscaping.

Handbook Of Horticulture focuses on the cultivation and nurturing of plants and their harvest. The book explains many aspects of plant cultivation. It explains disease and pest control measures, and also goes into the management of the harvested crops.

The book deals with horticultural practices on different kinds of crops, to give a comprehensive coverage for the readers. It focuses on plantation crops, medicinal and aromatic plants, vegetables, spices, fruits, flowers, potatoes, tuber crops and mushrooms. Divided into 13 sections, Handbook Of Horticulture begins with an introduction to general horticultural concepts. The next nine chapters focus on the different types of crops. The final three chapters focus on aspects like pest control and postharvest management.

The book is a compilation of contributions from different subject matter experts, providing a comprehensive overview of horticulture concepts and the processes involved in cultivating and caring for different kinds of plants.

Handbook Of Horticulture is a good resource for amateurs to learn about the fundamental concepts and techniques needed to get started. The book also contains enough material to serve as a reference tool for experienced professionals.

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