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Fundamentals of Entomology

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Fundamentals of Entomology

  • Author : Lakshman Chandra Patel
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Brillion Publishing
  • Edition : 1st Edition,2021
  • Media : Hard Back
  • ISBN : 9789389350425

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Fundamentals of Entomology By Lakshman Chandra Patel, CONTENTS :

1. History of Entomology in India

2. Major Points related to Dominance of Insect in Animal Kingdom

3. Classification of Phylum Arthropoda upto Classes

4. Relationship of Class Insecta with Other Classes of Arthropoda

5. Morphology: Structure and Functions of Insect Cuticle and Molting

6. Body Segmentation

7. Structure of Head, Thorax and Abdomen

8. Structure and Modifications of Insect Antennae

9. Structure and Modification of Insect Mouthparts

10. Structure and Modification of Insect Legs

11. Wing Venation, Modifications and Wing Coupling Apparatus

12. Structure of Male and Female Genital Organ

13. Metamorphosis and Diapauses in Insects

14. Types of Larvae and Pupae

15. Structure and Functions of Digestive System in Insects

16. Structure and Functions of Circulatory System in Insects

17. Structure and Function of Excretory System in Insects

18. Structure and Function of Respiratory System in Insects

19. Structure and Function of Nervous system in insects

20. Structure and Function of Secretary (Endocrine) System in Insects

21. Structure and Function of Reproductive System in Insects

22. Types of Reproduction in Insects

23. Major Sensory Organs like Simple and Compound Eyes, Chemoreceptor

24. Insect Ecology: Introduction, Environment and Its Components

25. Effect of Abiotic Factors – Temperature, Moisture, Humidity, Rainfall, Light, Atmospheric Pressure and Air Currents

26. Effect of Biotic Factors – Food Competition, Natural and Environmental Resistance

27. Categories of Pests

28. Concept of IPM, Practices, Scope and Limitations of IPM

29. Classification of Insecticides, Toxicity of Insecticides and Formulations of Insecticides

30. Chemical Control – Importance, Hazards and Limitations

31. Recent Methods of Pest Control, Repellents, Antifeedants,  Hormones, Attractants and Gamma Radiation

32. Insecticides Act 1968 – Important Provisions

33. Application Techniques of Spray Fluids

34. Symptoms of Poisoning, First Aid and Antidotes

35. Systematics: Taxonomy – Importance, History and  Development and Binomial Nomenclature, Definitions of Biotype, Sub-Species, Species, Genus, Family and Order.

36. Classification of Class Insects Upto Orders

37. Basic Groups of Present Day Insects with Special Emphasis to Orders and Families of Agricultural Importance

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