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Elements of Mechanical Engineering (S.I. Units)

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Elements of Mechanical Engineering (S.I. Units)

Author : Mathur, Mehta, Tiwari
Language : English
Publisher : Jain Brothers
Edition : 14th Edition,2019
Media : Paper Back
ISBN : 9788183600415

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Elements of Mechanical Engineering (S.I. Units) By Mathur, Mehta, Tiwari, CONTENTS : PART-I. Mechanical Engineering, 1. Energy-Sources and Conversion, 2. Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics, 3. Properties of Ideal Gases, 4. The First Law of Thermodynamics and its Applications, 5. The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy, 6. Properties of Steam, 7. Fuels and Combustion, 8. Steam Generators, 9. Boiler Mountings and Accessories, 10. Boilers-Draught, Combustion and Performance, 11. Simple Steam Engines and Vapour Power Cycles, 12. Internal Combustion Engines, 13. Steam Turbines, 14. Steam Condensers, 15. Reciprocating Air Compressors, 16. Rotary Compressors, 17. Gas Turbines, 18. Refrigeration Psychrometry and Air Conditioning, 19. Hydraulic Turbines, 20. Pumps, 21. Lubrication and Bearings, PART-II. Manufacturing Technology, 22. Workshop Tools, 23. Machine Tools, 24. Foundry Practice (Patterns, Cores, Moulds and Castings), 25. Mechanical Working at Metals and Press Operations, 26. Welding, Brazing and Soldering, 27. Transmission of Motion and Power, 28. Clutches, 29. Brakes and Dynamometers, 30. Speed Control, 31. Screw Threads, Bolts and Nuts, 32. Joints, Keys and Couplings, 33. Pipes and Pipe Joints, 34. Engineering Meterials, 35. Mechanical Handling of Materials, 36. Mechanical Wquipments and Machinery for Earth Moving and Civil Engineering, 37. Information Technology, Computer and Peripherals, 38. Robot and Sensors, 39. CNC Machines Tools, 40. Mechatronics, 41. MEMS and Microsystem, Appendix, Objective Type Questions, Index.

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