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An Introduction To Microbiology


An Introduction To Microbiology

  • Author : M.G. Sequeira, K.K. Kapoor, K.S. Yadav, P. Tauro
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : New Age International Publishers
  • Edition : 4th Edition,2024
  • Media : Paper Back
  • ISBN : 9789395161183

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An Introduction to Microbiology By M.G. Sequeira, K.K. Kapoor, K.S. Yadav, P. Tauro, CONTENTS :- 1. Developments And Scope of Microbiology 2. Microscopy 3. Techniques in Microbiology 4. Microbial Cellular Organization And Structure 5. Microbial Evolution And Systematics 6. Signal Transduction, Motilty, Taxis And Transport in Bacteria 7. Microbial Nutrition, Growth And Death 8. Microbial Metabolism And Biosynthesis of Cellular Components 9. Regulatory Processes in Microorganisms 10. Microbial Genetics And Genetic Engineering 11. Quorum Sensing And Biofilms 12. Microbial Differentiation And Development 13. Industrial Microbiology 14. Food Microbiology 15. Dairy Microbiology 16. Soil Microorganisms And Biogeochemical Cycles 17. Plant Microbe Interactions 18. Environmental Microbiology 19. Aero, Terrestrial And Aquatic Microbiology 20. Microbiology of Human And other Animal Environments 21. Microbial Life in Extreme Environments 22. Microbiology of Environmental Pollution And Dispersal of Microorganisms 23. Technology And Microbiology of Drinking Water 24. Microbiology of Pollutant Biodegradation And Bioremediation 25. Microbiology of Solid And Liquid Waste Disposal 26. Geomicrobiology 27. Biofuels 28. Genetically Modified Organisms And Environment 29. Microorganisms And Bioterrorism 30. Viruses 31. Glimpses of Medical Microbiology 32. Elements of Immunology, Further Reading, Subject Index.
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